• Eligibility

    10 + 2 (PCB/M) Merit standard

  • Duration

    4 Years

  • Intake


About B. Pharm

The Bachelor’s in Pharmacy is the undergraduate program having the duration of 04 years. Any aspirant from science stream (PCM/B) can choose it as the career option.

The B. Pharmacy course often a wide range of learning attributes right from anatomy physiology of biological systems, formulation of dosage form, the mode/mechanism of action of drugs & their side/adverse effects. It also allows to study the layout of Pharmaceutical Industries with various legal/ethical, judicial & managerial aspects.

The course is so well designed that the candidate after perusing the course can be employees any sphere of work profile of his/her aptitude choice may be as an Entrepreneur, Hospital Pharmacist, R & D scientist, Formulators/ Formulation scientist, Academician and lot more.

After persuasion of Undergraduate program in Pharmacy, a candidate can pursue his/her master’s in pharmacy or management.

Hence it could be conclude that this is a very noble & life saving program and an important element of health care and management system, whose role is very important and rightly deserving too.


# Faculty Name Qualification Designation View Profile
1 Dr. R.B. Goswami B.Pharm,M.Pharm, Ph.D Director & Professor View
2 Dr. Nilesh Jain B.Pharm,M.Pharm, Ph.D Vice principal & Professor View
3 Dr. Ruchi Jain B.Pharm,M.Pharm, Ph.D Professor View
4 Dr. Abhishek Banke B.Pharm,M.Pharm, Ph.D Asso. Prof. View
5 Ms.Priyanka Rathore B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asso. Prof. View
6 Mr. Saurabh Jain B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asso. Prof. View
7 Mr. Prabhat Singh Bais B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asso. Prof. View
8 Ms. Shikha Singh B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asst. Prof. View
9 Ms. Ruchi Bhatia Kapoor B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asso. Prof. View
10 Ms. Nidhi Saxena B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asso. Prof. View
11 Ms. Madhu Kushwaha B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asst. Prof. View
12 Ms. Divya Prajapati B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asst. Prof. View
13 Ms. Vidushi Singh B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asst. Prof. View
14 Ms. Zaineb Qureshi B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asst. Prof. View
15 Mr. Piyush Dwivedi B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asst. Prof. View
16 Mrs. Pooja Vishwakarma B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asst. Prof. View
17 Mr. Anuj Sharma B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asst. Prof. View
18 Ms. Garima Gupta B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asst. Prof. View
19 Mr Sunil Kumar Pandey B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asst. Prof. View
20 Mr. Devkinandan Tiwari B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asst. Prof. View
21 Ms. Jubi Lodhi B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asst. Prof. View
22 Mr.Vivek Kumar Jain B.Pharm ,M.Pharm Asst. Prof. View
23 Mr.Santosh Kushwaha B.Pharm,M.Pharm Asst. Prof. View
24 Ms. Surbhi Jain M.Pharm,Pharmaceutics Asst.Prof. View
25 Ms. Poonam Yadav M.Pharm,Pharmaceutics Asst. Prof. View
26 Mr. Rajat Kumar Jaiswal M.Pharm,Pharmaceutics Asst.Prof. View
27 Ms. Swati Rathore M.Pharm,Pharmachemistry Asst.Prof. View
28 Ms. Divya Sen M.Pharm Pharmacology Asst. Prof. View

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