This well-furnished laboratory focussed on different dosage form design, physical pharmacy, and dispensing pharmacy. The facilities available in this lab ensure the complete knowledge of manufacturing of different formulation. It deals with the study of oral, parenteral, dermal, transdermal and mucosal dosage forms; it also focuses on the preparation and evaluation of cosmetics. It also covers basic topics like development of new drugs, preformulation, along with principles of formulation design.

Pharmaceutics Lab

Pharmaceutics is the discipline of pharmacy that deals with the practical aspects of manufacturing, formulation and evaluation of various pharmaceutical dosage forms. The subject also helps the students to acquire knowledge and skill to apply quality assurance principles, including legal and ethical aspects involving drugs, delivering a quality assured product as per the pharmacopoeia, WHO and ISO standards.

This laboratory is built with following instruments such as:

  • Tablet dissolution apparatus.
  • Tablet disintegration test apparatus.
  • Suppository mould.
  • Physical balance.
  • Heating mantle.
  • Hot air oven.
  • Canonical percolator.
  • Distillation unit.
  • Mortar & pestle (porcelain).
  • Mortar & pestle (glass).
  • Ointment slabs.
  • Ointment Spatula 6”.
  • Magnetic stirrer.
  • Digital pH meter.
  • Desiccators.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab

Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab

Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab is suitable for analysis, quality assessment and quality control studies of drugs on finished products.

This laboratory has been incepted with a view of inculcating the ideology of research in Chemistry. Fully equipped with all the modern amenities, the lab is meant for the conduction of practicals of basic chemistry like the Inorganic and Organic Chemistry. These subjects form the foundations of the higher subjects like Medicinal Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry.

This laboratory is built with following instruments such as:

  • Centrifuge machine.
  • Analytical balance.
  • Burette stand.
  • Kipps apparatus.
  • Tong.
  • Tripod stand.
  • Water Bath.
  • Distillation Unit.
  • Melting Point Apparatus.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab is meant for testing and identification of impurities; synthesis and purification of chemical compounds; identification of medicinally active compounds; and analysis of biological samples like urine, blood, etc.

Pharmacognosy Lab

Pharmacognosy is the study of medicines or crude drugs produced from natural sources such as plants, microbes, and animals. It includes analysis of their biological, chemical, biochemical, and physical properties. This lab provides adequate facilities for morphological and microscopical studies of cells and tissues in different parts like root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit and seed of natural plants, identification and standardization of crude drugs and also provide an opportunity for the students to gain the knowledge of physicochemical properties of the natural products and natural medications also the identification tests, extraction, isolation, detection, determination and the estimation of natural products, quantitative and qualitative analysis of drugs and phytoconstituents extracted from medicinal plants.

This lab is well equipped with following instruments:

  • LEICA DM 750.
  • Soxhlet Apparatus.
  • Clavenger Apparatus.
  • Distillation Unit.
  • Vertical Autoclave.
  • Colony Counter.
  • WaterBath.
  • Compound Microscope.
  • Electron Microscope.
  • Oil Immersion Microscope.
  • Hot Air Oven.
  • Moisture Balance.

Pharmacology LAB

The subject of Pharmacology forms the basis of understanding, pathophysiology, etiology and its treatment. This lab is set for the conduction of practicals related to physiology of the human body. It provides a platform for students to develop their practical knowledge and skills on laboratory animals and various lab equipments. It makes aware the students for animal handling, guidelines and its medication/ treatment.

Pharmacology lab consists of equipment to investigate the activity of various drug samples, such as Rota Rod, Electro-convulsiometer, Analgesiometer, Histamine chamber and Actophotometer.

Lab is equipped with latest instruments and facilities, which makes it convenient for the student to clear the concepts and explore the diversity of the subject.


This is a laboratory where in the practicals of Anatomy Physiology health education are conducted. The subject of APHE is very crucial with respect to the higher subject of Pharmacology which forms the basis of disease and treatment. This lab is equipped with latest instruments and facilities such as Haemocyto meter, Hameo-meter, B.P. Appatatus, Stethoscope, Permanent slides, Models of organs, Skeleton, Dissection tray, Microscope (compound), Microscope with oil immersion, Wintrobe tube, Clinical thermometer, Aseptic cabinet, Spiro meter etc., which makes it convenient for the student to clear the concepts and explore the diversity of the subject.

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