Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)


Principal Objective:

To produce Pharmacy professionals equipped with knowledge and skills to cater to the Healthcare need of the Society, Technical needs of Pharmaceutical Industry and imbibe the need of continuous and lifelong learning & education.


Manufacturing and Production of Quality Pharmaceuticals:

In assistance to Pharmaceutical Industry, the Pharmacist is expected to employ their knowledge, skill and competence to produce medicines and formulations of best quality at affordable prices. The Pharmacist shall also be able to test and assure the quality of Medicines.


Pharmacy Practice and Ethics:

The graduate shall be prudent, understand and act for social, economical and federal setup and requirements & this will be exemplified by his ethical working in the various areas.


Managerial Skills:

The graduate shall be familiar to the process employed for Sales, purchase, inventory control and also Distribution and dispensing of Pharmaceuticals with proper documentation.

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