Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

Now in recent era Entrepreneurship is increasing day by day and also contributes the economic growth of our country. Even Indian Government has recognized the importance of entrepreneurship and has started "Start-up India" program for the growth of entrepreneurship. Various schemes and benefits are launched for the beginners to come with new business ideas.

The aim of Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) at Sagar Institute of Research Technology and Science Pharmacy (SIRTSP) is to develop and strengthen entrepreneurial qualities towards the students who are interested in starting their own ventures and new business. The college produces the novel ideas and provides infrastructure, amenities and technical support to the students to transform into the new products and services for the betterment of the society. The EDC provides all the support like planning, mentoring and time related execution support to all the aspirants for their start up ideas to convert it into real business facilities.

The EDC has work-out further to engage Sponsors like banks, State, & National entrepreneurship training agencies, private investors through pitch deck and Central Govt. Schemes benefits to the students, suppliers and market for the new products developed by entrepreneurs.

For its success we include enthusiastic and dedicated faculty team and mentors, and some industry expert with some student representatives. Various seminars and workshop are organized to groom them by SIRTS-P Entrepreneurship Development cell. We encourage students to choose self-emplacement as their career option, by providing all the necessary training and guideline.


To produce successful entrepreneurs with towering ethics, moral values, and leadership skills with their innovative minds to make a global impact.


Develop such kind of institutional environment where each new idea can grow and sustain in real world with passion and fervor.
Students can elaborate their ideas & objectives in a desirable way.


  • Motivate students to develop their own startups.
  • Organize IDEA competitions for the students.
  • Organizing Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes and Faculty Development Programmes.
  • To guide them on how to present ideas, documentation, marketing skills, and financial management support through a small training program.
  • To organize various guest lectures, seminars and expert talk for startups.
  • To arrange industrial visit for the students.
  • To tell them various loan schemes and Govt. MSME schemes for the Startup and help them in patent filing.
  • To provide a platform for interaction with established entrepreneurs.
  • Create corpus fund to seed ventures.

Event List

  • Entrepreneurship awareness camp
  • Idea presentation
  • Start-up Boot camp
  • Business Plan preparation
  • Developing entrepreneurial mind-sets
  • Business Communication Skills
  • E-marketing
  • Financial Assistance for startups
  • Digital Marketing for New Business Promotions

Key Points

  • The students were made aware the students about the different areas of skills where they can establish themselves as Entrepreneur and create the job for others.
  • Encourage the students to brain storm in groups to discuss innovative uses of the products.
  • How a simple idea could convert into potentially bigger business?
  • The Charm of Becoming an Entrepreneur, Creativity and Problem Solving is discussed.
  • Identifying problems in society and how to grow into giant businesses.
  • Discussed the importance of patience in life and how it can help safeguard ideas.
  • Explained diverse funding ways like angel funding, bootstrapping, seed funding etc.


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