M. Pharmacy Course Details

About M Pharmacy Courses Information

The Master’s in Pharmacy is the postgraduate program having the duration of 02 years. Any aspirant from B.Pharmacy can choose it as the career option.

Under this programme, the students get in-depth knowledge on how to prepare medicines, help in treating patients, advising patients on the usage of medicines, the side effects, dosage, etc.

M.Pharm Pharmaceutics graduate has opportunities in a wide variety of fields. The students who graduate from this course can work as teachers, government jobs, researchers, etc. Further study options post completion of M.Pharm include doing a Ph.D in Pharmacy or other area of specialization.

After persuasion of Undergraduate program in Pharmacy, a candidate can pursue his/her master’s in pharmacy.

Hence it could be conclude that this is a very noble & life saving program and an important element of health care and management system, whose role is very important and rightly deserving too.