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Chairman's Message

Sagar Group of Institutions is committed to develop young minds for creative leadership in education, business and a proactive and useful role in social transformation. Today the need for being proactive and constructive is more acute than ever before due to the sweeping changes influencing every aspect of our life. Therefore, there is need for the action based on holistic training of youth to take on varied challenges of life. In this context, I would like to quote Sri Aurobindo. In his book, ‘The Human Cycle’, Sri Aurobindo says, “a rational education means necessarily three things;

First, to teach men how to observe and know rightly the facts on which they have to form a judgement; Secondly, to train them to think fruitfully and soundly; Thirdly, to fit them to use their knowledge and their thought effectively for their own and the common good. Capacity of observation and knowledge, capacity of intelligence and judgement capacity of action and high character are required for the citizenship of a rational order of society.”

Sagar Group of Institution offers its students the very best in terms of infrastructure and resources. The College lays great emphasis on high quality education. Its unique learning approach is designed to significantly contribute to the growth and development of each & every student. The learning environment of the institute is conducive & cordial and dig out the disciplined conduct with high moral values from the students.

I wish to assure all concerned that no efforts will be spared to bringSagar Group of Institutionson the world map among the top pharmacy educational Institutions.