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B. Pharmacy Course Details

About B Pharmacy

The Bachelor’s in Pharmacy is the undergraduate program having the duration of 04 years. Any aspirant from science stream (PCM/B) can choose it as the career option.

The B. Pharmacy course often a wide range of learning attributes right from anatomy physiology of biological systems, formulation of dosage form, the mode/mechanism of action of drugs & their side/adverse effects. It also allows to study the layout of Pharmaceutical Industries with various legal/ethical, judicial & managerial aspects.

The course is so well designed that the candidate after perusing the course can be employees any sphere of work profile of his/her aptitude choice may be as an Entrepreneur, Hospital Pharmacist, R & D scientist, Formulators/ Formulation scientist, Academician and lot more.

After persuasion of Undergraduate program in Pharmacy, a candidate can pursue his/her master’s in pharmacy or management.

Hence it could be conclude that this is a very noble & life saving program and an important element of health care and management system, whose role is very important and rightly deserving too.